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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

Speaking of which ...

Speaking is one of the skills language learners often find the most challenging: spontaneity, pronunciation, structure and listening all play a role in how they respond.

To combat this difficulty, TES subject lead Rachel Hawkes has collected a series of dynamic visual materials to help students speak with confidence and flair.

What it offers

- Comic-book templates such as Morph Storyboard and a "cinema narration sequence" where students must create the dialogue.

- A presentation of film stills with key questions asking for open responses and giving students the chance to express their emotions and opinions. If they do try to take the quick way out, there is scope to probe them for more sophisticated comments.

- A Blockbusters-style game where students must speak for 30 seconds about the topic selected if they are to win their team a point and progress across the board. Adding a competitive edge to speaking practice can push students' drive towards fluency.

- A game of chance in the form of a "dice" speaking activity - the numbers rolled by pupils correspond to words that must be included in the conversation.

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