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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

Have the audacity to record

In the corner of many an MFL classroom sits the ancient tape and CD player, a big clunky silver box hiding behind its coat of dust. Pupils look on in embarrassment when it is wheeled out for oral assessments. But Audacity, a free downloadable sound program, should relegate your player to the cupboard for eternity.

What is it?

TES MFL adviser Rachel Hawkes has shared an Audacity user guide. The software is easy to use and allows you to:

- record through a microphone, adjust levels, playback and edit recordings;

- export to MP3 so that recordings can be sent to examiners;

- mix tracks that play simultaneously or fade into each other.

Why is it useful?

Oral assessments can be recorded at high quality and stored with ease. Alternatively, pupils can use Audacity to listen to and assess their pronunciation, or to record songs or poems for later revision.

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