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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

What a Tabou

Help students to develop French sentences and revise vocabulary groups with the traditional Taboo (Tabou) game.

What is it?

SarahFloss shares this simple but highly effective pack of cards that covers food, activities and issues. Each card has an image and the key word in bold. There are two further words they cannot use when describing the item.

How is it useful?

The terms selected may seem easy, but the real challenge is how to describe them without using simple vocabulary. Can pupils explain what un sandwich is without mentioning pain or beurre? Or tabagisme without fumer or cigarettes?

This is an excellent way to improve recall skills and to revise general language, while helping pupils to become confident speakers who can structure sentences and discuss topics with ease.

What teachers say

Rachel Hawkes, TES MFL adviser, says, "This is an excellent game for spontaneous talk," while anna3636 says the "kids loved it".

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