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Primary German collection

Primary German collection

What is it?

A collection of teaching resources, games and activities to help you embed those first German gems in young minds and get them excited about the language and culture. All of the materials in the collection have been shared by the teaching community on the TES website.

How can it be used?

To help you get started, use cjs_uk's Germany quiz to introduce the country and language and find out what your pupils already know. Then try lydiadavies' resource full of greetings and vocabulary to introduce yourself as well as true-or-false activities. If there are any birthdays coming up in your class, newfiftytwo's resource "Wie feierst du deinen Geburtstag?" can help introduce the topic of birthdays and the birthday song Auf Deutsch.

What are teachers saying?

On the Germany quiz, zozo1 says: "Fantastisch! I will use this for my first lesson as an introduction to the country and language. Thank you!"

On the snakes and ladders game, GOC says: "Invaluable! Thanks a million. There was great excitement in my class when we did this."

Try these resources for yourself and tell us and their authors what you think.

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