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Turn them into language cheats

Wind down and get students excited about the summer break with a cheating card game from TES Resources MFL panellist rosaespanola.

What is it?

A game to get pupils creating sentences spontaneously in Spanish. In small groups, pupils divide the cards equally between themselves (putting them in a pile face down). Taking turns, each pupil takes their top card and reads the sentence on it, then puts it face down in the middle - some of the cards say !Estas haciendo trampa! (You're cheating). If a pupil gets one of these, they have to make up a sentence. If their opponents guess they're making it up, they can accuse them of cheating. Anyone caught cheating has to pick up the pack in the middle.

Why is it useful?

The aim is to get rid of all your cards, which encourages students to think quickly, and speak clearly and coherently - the smallest stutter or stumble and they'll be branded a cheater.

What do teachers say?

"Great idea, my Year 9s loved this game," says kijog, while TES Resources MFL adviser Rachel Hawkes says: "This is simply brilliant - phenomenal for spontaneous speaking."

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