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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

School's out for summer

As pupils and teachers get excited about the approaching summer break, try these resources to discuss holidays and practise speaking.

French: Dice board game. An easy game that helps pupils to practise holiday vocabulary and sentence structure. The board is divided into sections, each with a statement or question. Pupils roll two dice to select their section. They gain one point for translating and another for responding to the statement or question in French.

Spanish: Light bulb game. A test of memory recall. A set of 25 cards are printed and laminated; each card has a topic printed on it, such as opinion phrases or things you might take on holiday. Place the cards face down on a table. Pupils pick a card and in two minutes write as many words associated with the card's topic as they can.

German: Ferienpostkarten. Pupils read four short postcards and identify nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then they practise writing holiday postcards. Encourage them to send postcards to school from their summer holiday locations (in German). It will make a lovely display for the start of the academic year.

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