Modern Foreign Languages - Resources of the week

Ready-made language games

How do you find fun activities for language learning that don't take hours to prepare? TES Resources has a huge range of templates for language games, tried and tested by the community. And because most of these are image-based, or editable templates, they can be used for a variety of languages and topics. All are easily editable to adapt to your class's learning objectives, giving you truly bespoke resources without the sweat and tears.

Frederic RENOUF has uploaded a Blockbusters template with numbers, prices, weather, leisure activities and adjectives. And ladywardy has shared her Snakes and Ladders board - just add in pictures of your current topic words. A game of Guess Who? is useful for describing people's attributes, so try pinkflutterby86's version; just change the characters' names to suit.

Lori1's Happy Families is a game for four players that gets pupils using language for families and colours. She also gives the French vocabulary for pupils to ask "Do you have .?", "It's your turn", "I've won", etc. Another format is jessbgirl's French Deal or No Deal, where the boxes hold a surprise of either plus or minus points for the team.

If you have a template for any language activities that would save teachers time, please let us know.

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Sara Carroll.

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