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Modern foreign languages - In the spotlight

MFL contributor Annelouiseep

MFL contributor Annelouiseep

Who is it?

Annelouiseep is an experienced languages teacher and head of department who has shared 25 highly rated resources on TES Resources. MFL adviser Rachel Hawkes says: "These resources show a thoughtful approach to teaching and meticulous planning and subject co-ordination." The materials shared can be used for support in subject leadership as well as saving hours of preparation time. There are progress sheets, pupil feedback, vocab and assessment resources, among others.

Some examples

Try downloading her templates for Assessment for Learning (AfL) - they focus on German but can be easily adapted for Spanish or French. Or try the GCSE writing target stickers; full of useful feedback to improve pupil performance. What are teachers saying?

Glez32 is a fan of the AfL resources and says: "Brilliant. It looks fab. I will share with my colleagues that teach German and will adapt for SpanishFrench." Meryll says: "Effective resource to focus pupils' attention on the `how' of learning to help them become reflective learners. An antidote to the `busyness' of language practice."

On the stickers, milesfromcrewe says: "Great resource - really useful feedback and saves writing the same thing over and over again!"

Try these resources for yourself and see what you think.

Resources and links at

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