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Jolie good sporting fun

Engage children in topical language learning with La Jolie Ronde's new series of French and Spanish theme days. The resource packs can be downloaded from

What is it?

Each theme day starts with an assembly, before pupils work through a range of supported activities to develop their language skills. Then they all come together in a celebratory assembly to discuss their experience and show off what they have learned. The packs include:

- a collection of easy-to-use, play-based, curriculum-linked resources;

- activities split by age: 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11;

- a CD of images, vocabulary lists, flash card templates, games and activities, transcripts and translations, and video clips;

- an audio CD of songs and sounds recorded by native speakers for correct accent and intonation;

- teachers' notes with CD transcripts.

What will pupils do?

In the Olympics theme day, pupils learn about the history of the Games, develop a mini Olympics event, create passes, certificates and flashcards, and can take part in board games to revise learning.

What else?

rhawkes has shared a Spanish starter, a springboard for starting Olympic sports vocabulary. Or practise introductions and sports with LB18's French matching activity.

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Tes Editorial

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