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Modern foreign languages - In the spotlight

Make first days count

Setting ground rules is always important and the first week back is a great time to set up guidelines in the classroom. The first rule of French lessons should be that the only language spoken is French. Help pupils by starting off with classroom objects, phrases and rules.

How to do it

QCDA_Resources has shared a scheme of work that introduces pupils to greetings, simple grammar and classroom objects through a number of activities such as bingo and matching pairs.

Try wiggs' colourful word mats to remind pupils of common verbs and phrases.

To recap classroom objects, try rosaespanola's three quick starters: matching French vocabulary to images; dictionary skills; and filling the gaps.

Accompanied by the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas, franciscabrelfan's song Excusez-moi Madame revises classroom phrases from "I don't have a pen" to "I feel sick".

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