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Primary games for team work

Group learning can be fun, engaging and if it goes well it might not even feel like work at all. That's why games and exercises for groups or teams can have a positive effect on learning, and the same logic applies to language classes.

There are lots of activities for group work and team games on TES Resources and we've chosen some of the most popular ones to help you get started.

For French, try hartepoolemonkey's "Fly me to the moon", an interactive game for teams to build a rocket. Grey-gill says: "This is a fab format for a simple quiz in French. Will definitely use this in class very soon." GavinHillage has shared a fun penalty shoot-out game that can be used with pupils of all ages, while runaway has shared a multi-purpose, multi-lingual, adaptable game based on noughts and crosses. It's getting rave reviews. TES adviser Sara Carroll says: "Absolutely brilliant! Loads of topics covered in a game to engage the whole class for multiple lessons."

Try some team games out in your language lessons and let us know how you get on.

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