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Fiery flamenco - for secondary Spanish

Fiery flamenco - for secondary Spanish

Cultural investigations bring language learning to life and music is one of the most enjoyable ways to get pupils engaged. So why not try a lesson on Spanish music? Not the aural atrocities to be found at beach bars on the Costa del Sol but the real McCoy, flamenco.

The origins of Flamenco dancing and music date back to the arrival of the first gypsies in Andalucia from India around 1425. The persecution of the gypsies, moors and Jews in Spain at this time forced them to retreat to mountainous regions and, out of their cultural collaboration, flamenco was born. Investigate the style and sounds of flamenco with a resource from pwilloughby3, use introductions to Spain and culture from kjm037 and lydiadavies, and develop knowledge of other dance styles with a resource from tamsindance.

Tell us and these contributors what you think and share your own flamenco lesson ideas.

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