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Dictionary reference skills for KS3

This collection has been produced by MFL adviser Rachel Hawkes from material shared by members of the TES community.

It is important for success at GCSE that students are able to look up and use new language by themselves. This, together with the new secondary curriculum, focuses on creativity and using language in new contexts and for new purposes. It has increased the need for teachers to help learners to develop dictionary and reference skills from the outset.

This collection includes some of the best resources for developing dictionary skills with KS3 learners.

What are teachers saying?

Of the Dictionnaire de Sons resource, Ludden says: "Excellent resource! Thank you! You have created something I have been thinking of introducing to my Year 7 classes."

Of the ER Verbs Crossword Puzzle, Jackiedavison says: "This is great - thanks! My classes will find some of the clues challenging - but they can use it for dictionary practice, too."

The Spanish Dictionary Skills resource, shared by Harris School, also received positive feedback. To download these and more, and to give the contributors your feedback, see

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