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The French Revolution . in French

Rachel Hawkes' resource is a set of lessons on the French Revolution, designed for Year 9, including PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and other activities. There is also a scheme of work to show progression across the 17-lesson module.

What is it?

CLIL stands for content and language integrated learning, which can mean teaching another curriculum subject - say, history or geography - entirely in French, but also language teaching in which the focus is on new content as well as new language.

I like the way this module is so carefully planned to include essential grammar and useful everyday vocabulary, but embedded in content more likely to appeal to Year 9 students. For example, the first lesson focuses on pictures of people from the time of the French Revolution and involves pupils describing what they look like and what they are wearing. The second lesson introduces the imperfect tense by comparing what life used to be like for a typical artisan, peasant or bourgeois member of society at the time.

Why you should try it

This set of resources is not just for higher-ability pupils. Differentiated versions of many activities support middle to lower-ability pupils and these lessons would benefit all language teachers wanting to build more interesting content into their schemes of work and encourage higher uptake at KS4.


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