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Muzzy offers a boon to bilingualism

It's more than 20 years since the BBC crafted Muzzy, the super-successful language course for children that gives beginners of all ages the chance to enjoy learning to speak another language.

Muzzy is a total learning environment, with each lesson serving as the foundation for the next, building on the words and concepts the child has previously learnt.

The course features animated stories and engaging music and the viewer is "immersed" in the new language, which is presented in often humorous dramatic tales.

Research has confirmed that the prime time for learning a language is from birth to age 12 - the "the window of opportunity". Elsewhere in Europe children commonly start learning a second or third language at the same time as their first, as it will never be so easy for them to learn them in future. The proven "see-listen-and-learn" technique engages young children's natural ability to learn.

There are packs featuring all the Muzzy languages - French, German, Italian, Spanish and English - so there is no excuse not to get children started.

Follow the links to the BBC bookshop at

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