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Class trips? Faites attention

Class trips? Faites attention

Class trips can be some of the most exciting, rewarding and interesting parts of learning a language, and a well-organised one can remain vivid in pupils minds long after their verb conjugations and grammatical skills have begun to suffer (as if they would).

They can also be very rewarding for teachers, providing an opportunity to get back to the roots of their labour. So if you are in the fortunate position of being involved in a class trip, you'll be well aware of the importance of risk assessments. But where do you start? Getting advice from others is one way.

On the TES forums, teachers discuss and compare their risk-assessment strategies, share advice and tell horror stories (well, better them than you). So read their thoughts and share yours. In the resources bank, try postings from Cestrian, an MFL exchange resource from copperbeech and a comprehensive residential visit assessment from s.rnd - all will prove beneficial to language lovers and learners.

To err is human indeed, but on the side of caution? Divine.

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