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Modern languages - Get to grips with German

What is it?

"German activities and games" is a series of activities, games, songs, quizzes and puzzles to help embed the first bits of German language.

How to use it

A quiz from cjs_uk, asking pupils how much they know about Germany, can be used as an introduction to the language, as can another video about Germany, accompanied by a PowerPoint on greetings and a quiz by lydiadavies.

A PowerPoint from rhawkes blends visual, auditory and kinaesthetic strategies to teach the key sounds of German, with examples so pupils can apply their new knowledge straightaway.

A presentation on German numbers, from alemanjana, shows how the words are built, while a series of flashcards from bevevans22, originally developed for pupils with special needs, helps to teach numbers 1-20.

The collection also includes a worksheet on German colours by Nicola Jeffrey and a PowerPoint and activities on birthdays, including a link to a rendition of Happy Birthday in German, from newfiftytwo.

Rhawkes has put up a PowerPoint introducing the names for immediate and extended family, while Charlie_overend has uploaded a workbook and resources about a zoo, featuring animal vocabulary and touching on issues such as conservation, zoo planning and the environment.

Finally, interactive games uploaded by introduce adjectives by asking pupils to describe people's characteristics, and a PowerPoint from sorymo on what children might eat or drink at lunchtime or breaktime introduces food vocabulary.

Where to find it

The collection can be found at

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