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What the lesson is about

"Culture and projects" is a collection of ideas not associated with typical textbook topics; instead, all have a cultural focus. It includes projects that can spread over several lessons, as well as one-off lessons, and has material for French, German and Spanish.

How to use it

French resources include an activity lesson on Guadeloupe and Morocco that can be used as a springboard to a wider project on Francophone countries, uploaded by littlemissmo. Hellabella has contributed a series of resources based on the first Harry Potter book and film, that can be used to revise topics including shopping, families, clothes and opinions. Others on the life of Monet that can be used for grammar exercises have been uploaded by Comberton VillageCollege.

The German resources include a PowerPoint on football supporters' chants, uploaded by rhawkes, who has also contributed a lesson on the German national anthem. Resources on JS Bach look at the background to his B- Minor Mass and can be used as part of a cross-curricular project with music (lauraintheholidays), while resources on German artwork aim to develop spontaneous conversation and can be used across three or four lessons (rhawkes).

Spanish resources include a 10-lesson module that works on present-tense verbs through a variety of material based on a spy theme, and a six-lesson module on rap that analyses some examples before pupils write, perform and peer-assess their own raps (both rhawkes). Six lessons on climate change include case studies (planuk) while hellabella has uploaded a PowerPoint, text and a map for a lesson looking at whether bears should be released in the Pyrenees.

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