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Module ban isn't playing fair

The problem with the Government's diktat ending the new modular GCSEs ("Entering borderline pupils early for modular GCSEs was like a Shakespearean farce - but less funny", 26 August) is that it fails to recognise that exams are not a homogeneous species.

Not all subjects are best examined with a terminal written paper. Assessment has come a long way since politicians sat their GCEs. More practical subjects like art, drama and dance often involve an exam that lasts many hours, spread over days or weeks.

The current modular exam is the most rigorous I have worked on. The use of distinctive modules allows the candidates to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge and breadth of skills.

And, incidentally, resits are not a feasible option in such practical, often group-based, exams.

David Cross, Teacher and examiner, Leicester.

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