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More Alice adventures

Another fantastic site has been launched by the British Library, which brought us high-resolution copies of Shakespeare's manuscripts and the remarkable "Turning the Pages" technology. This time, with the help of the Museum of Oxford and South East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, the subject is the original manuscript of Alice's Adventures Underground, which was originally given to Alice Liddell by Lewis Carroll in 1864. On "Journeys to Wonderland" you can view pages and listen to a narration of the story, as well as create your own story slideshow using scenes and characters from Wonderland. You can also print several activities and games or send ideas, tips and details of Alice-related events to the site to share with other enthusiasts. For a first-hand experience, there are details of places to visit in Oxford and advice on how to get there. You will need Flash Player 7 or above to view the manuscript.


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