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From applications that allow children to record their imagination to software that brings them the world, take a look at this year's classroom technology

From applications that allow children to record their imagination to software that brings them the world, take a look at this year's classroom technology

TTS is launching two sets of recordable cards under its Talk Time range: Sequence Cards and the Think it, Say it, Feel it set. Sequence cards are six jigsaw-shaped cards that can record up to six seconds of audio, connected together and then listened to in sequence. Think it, Say it, Feel It are recordable cards shaped like a cloud, a speech bubble and a heart, with write onwipe off surfaces and record and play buttons. Children can use speech and language to express their own or characters' emotions.

Other products launching at stand P22 include Talking Jolly Phonics, 42 tiles pre-recorded with phonemes; Talk Tracker, a portable recording device to capture classroom discussions; and Rainbow Easi-Speak, six coloured MP3 recording devices for use in or out of the classroom.

Crick Software will launch a Spanish resource for Clicker 5 from stand F40 for primary school children. Powered by Clicker MFL, the Spanish resource now includes European Spanish and Catalan to complement the South American Spanish version.

Dell is launching a new netbook, a mobile computing station and an interactive short-throw projector as part of the Dell Connected Classroom product suite on stand B20. The Latitude 2110 can be held like a book to read digital textbooks. Up to 24 Latitude 2110s or 2100s can be stored in the new mobile computing station, which has a wireless access point and device-charged indicators. The S300wi interactive short-throw projector comes with a pen that allows any smooth surface to be used as an interactive learning space.

Capita Children's Services will showcase SIMS InTouch

on stand D20. InTouch is a text and email tool that enables teachers to send messages home using templates designed by the school, such as availability of the end-of-term report online, absence from school or the late return of a school trip. The system also allows the school to text or email staff and pupils.

Eye2Eye is launching the newest version of its panoramic software from stand SW50, including more views of the Scotland Isles, a facility to plot and save a route, or "playlist", in advance of the class and then play it on the whiteboard. Pupils can also view at home on the VLE.

RM will launch a mini-tablet, a slate product, wireless charging and a value range from stands C60, D60 and E60. The RM mini-Tablet 100 is a touch-screen device with a matt display to reduce glare from overhead lights, robust hinges to prevent the screen lid cracking, matt plastics to reduce fingerprints and 5GHz wireless connectivity. The RM Slate 100 is a Windows 7 device that includes a multi-touch screen, webcam and camera, microphone, built-in speakers and handwriting recognition.

Wildcharge, wireless charging technology, will be available with the new RM Mobile One.

Matchware is launching MindView4 from stand H46, showcasing its new features including new map styles, the ability to format branch data, Office 2010 integration and collaboration tool Shared Workspace. Based on the Mind Mapping technique, the software is particularly beneficial to children with SEN and can help improve reading and writing skills, create a visual outline of written documents, assist with storyboarding and create timelines.

Included in the latest software are a presentation mode, PDF export, and improved task and project management features. The Shared Workspace feature allows students to collaborate on projects with multi-user editing, change tracking, task distribution and status monitoring.

SMART Technologies (stand B50) will launch the 800 series of interactive whiteboards. The SMART Board 800, available in the UK from the end of January, is designed to offer "true student collaboration", says the company, and features like freestyle interactions, touch gestures and full object awareness will work with the SMART Notebook 10.7 software, to be launched by March. www.smarttech.comgb.

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