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A second camera

One of the coolest new gadgets on the block must surely be Pocket Digital (Logitech, pound;119), an eye-catching camera the size of a credit card. At barely the thickness of a pencil, it's light enough to take everywhere and discreetly take pictures to send by email. With a brushed aluminium finish, it has executive looks, while a lithium battery that charges though its PC (USB) cable is a sure sign of good design.

snap-happy Digital Binoculars

A pair of binoculars might seem an unlikely place to find a built-in camera, but the combination works surprisingly well on the Pentax Digibino DB100 (pound;270), which offers a very reasonable (7x) magnification all cleverly encapsulated into a pocket-able design. You can take in a clear view through the eyepiece or on a flip-up screen, but either way you can snap away by pressing a conveniently placed button. As a world first, the very low photo resolution might be excusable, but nature lovers, among others, will want to keep an eye on this.

kool Keyboard

For those who have yet to get the knack of taking notes on a Palm-type organiser, the Keycase Keyboard (Logitech, pound;99) looks like the ideal solution. Open the soft, neat protective fabric case and you'll find a keyboard that docks with the unit in readiness to write a novel.

stunning storage

The need to carry a life's oeuvres between home and school or college has long been met by the Iomega Zip 100Mb drive. And now the same company has produced a the 750Mb USB version (under pound;170) with as much storage as a CD-Rom contained in a shirt pocket-sized disc, which costs around pound;11 and is endlessly re-useable. A second solution is a portable hard disk like the Iomega HDD 20Gb (under pound;150 for USB1 or 2). This is a very slick way to carry around everything or simply add more storage. Even larger versions are available and any of them could be just the thing to back up, say, a laptop.

soaps while you soak

Tile TV could well be the luxury item you have longed for - particularly if you have a thing for flat-panel displays. Starting at pound;1,000 plus fitting, you can have a television installed flush within your wall, be it bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. The unit comes in 6-inch, 10-inch and 15-inch varieties and features a heated screen to keep your viewing mist-free. A must to catch up on Nigella Lawson in the kitchen and your favourite soaps in the shower.

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