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More true confessions

They say the old ones are the best, and this is most certainly the case when it comes to confessional threads in the TES online staffroom. Primary teachers have returned to their old stamping ground to reveal even more about what they really think about everything from Department for Education guidelines to whiteboard markers.

Every teacher has one pupil they love to hate, and La grenouille confesses that she loves it "when that really annoying kid who's been winding everyone up then trying to get someone else into trouble for 'bullying' finally gets a punch in the face".

If it's not the kids, it's the other adults posters have to deal with - in welliegirl's case, the governors. "I hate having to smile when our governors make rude comments about our short working day, huge paychecks and long holidays. If you are that jealous, **** off and do a PGCE," she says.

One thing teachers often lie about, according to this confessions thread, is how much work they do. Pinkflipflop, for example, says: "Sometimes I leave school earlier than normal and carry a big bag of work out of the door with me to "do at home". Really it just stays in the bag overnight and then comes back in the next day."

And while most confess they would hate the job if it weren't "for the kids", this doesn't always run to philanthropic efforts outside school hours.

Lardylady is a case in point: "When asked at the supermarket if I want the vouchers for schools, I always say no."

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