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Mountain people

Opportunities to voice opinions on global issues are rarely offered to the least vocal and least powerful members of society, even when they are directly affected. However, Panos International, a non-profit making institute, is now providing information on global issues with a developing country perspective.

They have interviewed more than 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions of the world, who have offered their personal perspective on change and development. The Mountain Voices website allows visitors to search according to location or theme - for example, migration, social change or gender - and contains a vast array of material ranging from maps and photographs to glossaries and background information. It also offers a transcript of each fascinating interview.

With an increasing emphasis on delivering citizenship in the curriculum, Mountain Voices is a resource about real people which would be an asset to any geographycitizenship programme.

Gavin Richards is a freelance authortrainer, and part-time teacher of geography and ICT at Court Fields Community School, Wellington, Somerset

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