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Moveable Sats

The proposal to move key stage 2 Sats to June, ably commented on in last week's TES ("Plan to shift Sats tests to June poses threat to school trips") is yet another example of an education department out of touch with schools, as MPs are with expenses rules.

Leaving aside the justified objections - the inability to get the papers marked in time, the disappointment to 11-year-olds who deserve their results before they go to secondary school, the potential loss of residential trips that provide real "education" - how can the Department offer the specious argument that it will help pupils to avoid losing momentum in their learning? Why not come clean and admit it is a further backhand attempt to shoehorn in another few weeks of Sats practice that might squeeze another point or two for the number-crunching regime.

Tony Roberts, Secretary, Lancashire NAHT, Preston.

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