Mr Cookie's recipe

Niki Davies, creator of the well-loved school nativity play Whoops-a-Daisy-Angel, has written a Mr Cookie musical to encourage healthy eating in schools. Originally aimed at English schools in the wake of the Jamie Oliver healthy school dinners campaign, the play is being targeted at Scottish schools this session.

In Mr Cookie's Food Factory, Mr Cookie is a lovable hero helping out by cooking for the children of Apple Street School. Lacking money, he uses poor quality meat, fat, sugar, salt, oil, white flour and additives, rustling up lots of unhealthy burgers, sausages, chips, cakes and deep-fried reconstituted foods.

When the children become tired, over-active, overweight and ill, teachers, dinner ladies and parents recognise that Mr Cookie's food is the root of the problem. Once Mr Cookie learns how to cook with fruit, fresh produce and safe levels of fat, salt and sugar, there is a big swing round in the children's health.

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