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Mugs are exclusively for teacher at Mamp

THE good news about the latest range of end-of-term gifts for teachers is that they will be easy to take back to the shop.

Thousands of teachers can expect to go home for the summer holidays with a present bought from Marks and Spencer's "Thank You Teacher" collection.

The high-street giant - which is famed for its generous returns policy - is offering specially-designed mugs and thank-you cards as well as promotions on chocolates, bath salts, food and beauty products.

Store managers hope the gifts will prove a tasteful alternative to some of the more eccentric end-of-term gifts that teachers have reported, which have ranged from sexy negliges and boxer-shorts to glitter-covered statues of bunnies hugging each other.

Marks and Spencer spokeswoman Cheryl Kuczynski said she was certain that nothing in the promotion would cause such embarrassment.

"I'd hope that gifts from Marks and Spencer would always be in the best possible taste," she said.

Marks and Spencer staff suggested the promotion to their managers after noticing an upturn in sales of certain products during the final three weeks of the summer term.

Recommended presents can be found throughout the stores, and displays are being set up in children's clothes departments to entice parents to buy mugs and cards, containing uplifting messages such as "Thank you teacher, you're top of the class!"

Unfortunately, wine and spirits - the gifts of choice for many teachers - are not part of Marks and Spencer's promotion. We do not think it is appropriate for kids to give their teachers alcohol," Ms Kuczynski said. "But they could give them gift vouchers."

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