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The Multimedia Portables specification

Hardware: All machines will have at least a 12.1-inch colour monitor, Pentium-166 processor chip, 32 megabytes of memory, 2-gigabyte hard disk, speakers and 2 PC Card slots. They will also include a built-in CD-Rom drive, floppy disk drive, pre-installed Windows 95 and a disaster recovery disk.

PCs supplied under the scheme are: Centerprise 6200 TTF12, Compaq Armada 1590DT, Notino MI 3000, Opus LEO 166M, Professional Notebook P79TE SL116MMX, Toshiba Satellite 300CDT. Other hardware: Hewlett Packard colour inkjet printer, Olympus or Nikon digital camera.

CD-Rom software: Will be supplied in primary and secondary packs and includes Microsoft Office, Publisher, Ultimate Human Body, 3D Atlas or Encarta World Atlas, Steps Maths Factory, Making of the United Kingdom, and Romeo and Juliet BBC Shakespeare.

Internet Service: 33.6 Kbits Faxmodem, one year's subscription to an Internet Service Provider (EasyNet or Scotland Online), one year's subscription to RM's Living Library (an Internet content service), and an opportunity to publish own web pages.

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