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Multiple partners;Jotter

Back from another glitzy show mounted by those game old troopers, Scottish Enterprise. We were in familiar company - "our main resource is our people" was not alone for long before it was joined by "the only competitive advantage we have lies in our people".

The host, as always, was the Knowledge Economy - the force that, it seems, will always be with us - closely partnered by the Global Economy.

But there were some new guests at the launch of the latest piece of strategic Scottish Enterprise hospitality, which it has entitled Know-how: achieving prosperity through learning. One of these was "if you want to grow, you've got to know . . . how." Smart or what?

Later we were introduced to another new member of the party by Evelyn McCann, skills supremo at Scottish Enterprise and chief hostess who told us life was "survival of the smartest not just the fittest".

And, of course, no such gathering is complete without that ubiquitous presence - "partnership". Scottish Enterprise, it seems, has many partners, and is faithful to all of them.

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