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Whether you work, rest or play, Mars' educational resource, Business Matters, will give GCSE, GNVQ and A-Level students plenty to chew on.

The 12 activities and four assignments support a programme of study for marketing and enterprise. Activities are suitably hard-nosed for those interested in the cut and thrust of small business endeavour.

Catchy titles cut through soggy textbook management theories and the pack gets straight to the point. It prepares the ground for topics such as market segmentation, and there is penty of scope for student sales presentations.

Based on calculating the net profit from the sale of a range of chocolate bars, the assignments delve into the realms of recommended retail price and the wholesale quantities a corner shop would need to order to get a decent return.

There is a touch of realism in assignment titles such as "The Student Shop", "The Vending Machine" and The Student Dining Area"; these betray a serious business links agenda.

For further information, contact the Mars Education support programme 0870 3330434

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