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KS 1-2 Compose a piece that represents an encounter between Doctor Who and the Daleks. Choose instrumental sounds that evoke the flight of the Tardis through the "space-time vortex" - experiment with vocal techniques such as humming or altering and layering wordless vowel sounds, as well as swirling keyboards and high bowed strings. For the Daleks, use a variety of ominous percussion rhythms. What happens when they meet?

KS3 Develop the idea of encounters in the "space-time vortex". Pupils can compose themes in deliberately contradictory and unusual time signatures.

They can also use unusual pairings of instruments: guitar and large cymbal played with violin bow, bass metallophone and wood blocks, high piano and thumb piano (mbira). Experiment with these and create a series of alternative sound-worlds.

KS4 Research the history of electronic music in the 1960s and 1970s, exploring samples of work by Stockhausen, Xenakis and Pink Floyd among many others.

What was the impact of the Doctor Who theme tune on a mass audience, many of whom were children? Compare these early examples with work by contemporary composers, such as Jonathan Harvey, who use more sophisticated technology. http:ourworld.compuserve.comhomepagesMark_AyresDWTheme.htm


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