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Music - Lyrical ideas in full voice

What the lesson is about

In early years and primary, music is well integrated across the curriculum. This collection of "Songs and rhymes" covers various themes and subjects, from ICT to PE.

How to use it

A good overall resource is sheep_tea's collection of children's songs, which includes the lyrics to many popular ones, such as "The animal fair" or "The bear went over the mountain".

If your school has a colourful parachute, lbuzzybea has uploaded a resource with plenty of ideas for songs to sing while pupils hold it and perform the actions. This is also useful for children with special educational needs.

Trogfoot has supplied a selection of themed songs to support the development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary. These include counting songs such as "Five Little Monkeys" and "This Old Man", and songs about money and time.

Teachers introducing topics on health and well-being might like to use the song on keeping teeth nice and clean (uploaded by danwebster); this includes lyrics and links to videos that the children will enjoy.

Minibeasts is a popular theme in early years and primary, and there are plenty of songs to support this. Kate F has compiled a collection of songs and poems, as well as jokes, on all sorts of creatures, from honey ants to cicadas. There are also suggestions for how teachers might write their own songs to support what the class is studying.

A useful song to teach children about size and making comparisons is "Herman the Worm" (lbuzzybea).

Where to find it

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