Music needs a harmonious team

I WAS delighted to read your article on Warwickshire's choral initiative in the recent Music and the Arts Curriculum Special (TES, June 9).

This project was put together through a powerful partnership of British Federation of Young Choirs, business funding and importantly the county council.

At a time when a supportive government is debating how to fund music services, it is perhaps timely to state clearly that local support and accountability should be an essentil ingredient.

Local democratic support gives both freedom and immediate accountability. It enables long term and often ground breaking initiatives to take root in ways which one-off funding can not.

Our conference, "Get the Singing Habit" on October 20-21, 2000 will further explore these issues. For details ring 01926 412803).

Garry Jones

Director county music service

Warwickshire education department

22 Northgate Street


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