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Introduction to target markets

This three-slide PowerPoint contributed by gwilly provides an introduction to the subject of target markets. The first slide shows an exemplar. The next suggests areas for discussion including age, gender and interests, but moves on to more challenging fields such as "How will your product enrich the user's life?" The third slide shows the case study of a 25-year-old male customer.

Who would use it?

A design and technology teacher would find this resource useful. Those involved in folder or portfolio coursework with either key stage 4 or 5 students may find it saves time. While the subject is important, the exam board rarely awards marks commensurate with the time spent teaching it. It would also provide a fun exercise in KS3 schemes.

Why do we like it?

It gets to the point, provides examples and follows a simple pattern; the judgments made by pupils are therefore considered, objective and in line with an agreed process. It can help remove stereotypes and the grey areas that sometimes surface when covering target markets.

What else?

A range of interesting resources for post-16 systems and controls is available to support assessment.

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