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Creative ICT competition winners

In this year's Creative ICT competition, TES Resources offered secondary students and teachers a chance to design a multimedia teaching aid to teach subject knowledge to primary pupils.

Theresa Russell, ICT teacher at Morecambe Community High School, inspired more than 20 of her Year 8s and 9s to enter, using lessons in class time and after school to introduce new software such as Flash and Scratch. Her pupils won prizes in several categories. Josh McEwen and Tyler Crossley were overall winners for their Second World War revision aid that uses a prisoner of war character who can only escape if you answer all the questions correctly.

Top ICT marks also go to Amy Meek, from Nottingham, who created a winning animation and used a blog to chart her progress.

Winner in our teacher category was Daniel Powell (username Orion) for his resources explaining the half-life of radioactive tracers. See all the winning entries at

The next round of the competition will be launched on 1 November 2011 and entries will be accepted until 10 February 2012, so keep an eye on TES Resources for more.

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