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Music - Useful musical point scoring

What is it?

This collection of GCSE music revision resources covers everything from music theory to a breakdown of how pupils' compositions will be marked, but much of it should be useful to Scottish schools as well.

How to use it

Alisutcliffe has uploaded a worksheet where pupils can revise key terms and concepts, such as dynamics, tempo, rhythm and pitch. For a quick-fire quiz, try bashstreetboy's resource on key music terms - play it as a slide show and pupils have to supply definitions in a 10-second time-frame. Alternatively, erp77 has uploaded a crossword of musical terms.

If you need an overview of different styles of music, tshorter has uploaded a useful resource, which covers everything from Ragtime in the 1800s to the music of the present day. There is also a comprehensive overview of the development of orchestral music (partist).

Film scores are covered by zoeage in her PowerPoint resource, which examines the difference between a score and a soundtrack, compares a few different scores and looks at the careers of film composers Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer, among others.

New directions in music since 1900 is the theme of a worksheet by mangopiano, where pupils must fill in the missing keywords on different modern musical movements.

For revision of the ground bass concept, Nadine1981 has produced an interactive PowerPoint presentation that introduces the different ways in which a ground bass can be manipulated and adapted, using Pachelbel's Canon. It provides tasks on diminution, augmentation and inversion.

Where to find it

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