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Guess which country the foods are from

Guess which country the foods are from

What is it?

This resource is made up of a simple PowerPoint which contains pictures of meals from various countries; the really clever part comes when you click the image of a particular dish, which in turn reveals its country of origin.

How to use it?

The author, hayleybeth, suggests two ways of delivering the lesson - either pupils can guess while seated or labels of the different countries can be placed around the room and they have to go and stand next to the country of origin before you reveal the answer.

Why do I like it?

It is clear, concise, well presented and uses high-quality photography, which is key when projecting onto a whiteboard. It lends itself perfectly to being a quick and interactive starter, and could be implemented across all key stages up to and including KS5. It includes detailed and relevant success criteria that are invaluable for both staff and pupils.

What else?

You can also find interesting food technology resource links from The Grain Chain and janharper on TES Resources.

All links and resources can be found at

Spencer Herbert.

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