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Can you teach a worm to tango?

Can you teach a worm to tango?

Can you teach a worm to tango? is an animation that tells the story of a little girl starved of attention due to her father's unsuccessful attempts to teach worms to dance. More than 50 children from Stogursey Primary School in Somerset, aged between five and 11, were involved in the development of the film, which was produced by First Light. The short gained critical acclaim in the UK and won an award for best child-produced film at the prestigious Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

Watch it with your pupils for an engaging cross-curricular lesson covering media studies, art and design, PSHE and English. It could spark an interesting debate and comprehension activity, too. Can your pupils think of alternative outcomes to the story? Have they ever felt lonely like the little girl?

View the film online and tell us what you think

First Light works with more than 5,000 young people aged five to 25 every year, teaching them the craft of high-quality short film-making with the help of industry professionals.

What else?

Cover the basics of digital editing with young pupils using materials from NGfLCymru. Or try natalie.lochhead's planner for creating short animations in the classroom.

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