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Mutual respect

We are writing in response to the recent article "Patronising and 'racist': how overseas links mean well, but..." (March 5). We are currently in a global partnership with GEAR (Gifted Education and Research) School in Bangalore, and have found it a real asset to our education.

We are very aware that any attitude that places one culture above another has no place in today's global society. We are learning about Indian culture and heritage in new and exciting ways: it is clear to us that we can learn a great deal from schools in India and other areas of the world.

As pupils, we see our project as an educational opportunity to develop a meaningful bond between our two schools and we see our partners in GEAR School as friends and equals. We have not experienced the views expressed in the article. Finally, it says: "It is often the Western school that goes aboard to visit rather than the others, so it is not a fair exchange." But the tickets for our Indian partners have already been booked and we look forward to welcoming them to the UK in April. We are currently working on a "welcome assembly" for them, celebrating what makes Britain great, embracing diversity and welcoming other cultures.

We hope you now see the positive side to global partnerships, and would like to think we represent the majority of such projects.

Class 8S, St Michael's Catholic School, Bermondsey, London

(Daniel Adelodun, Montel Agyemang, Michael Akeju, Albert Akinremi, Saskia Bassey, Cara Cullinane, Harry Davies, Nelly-Joyce Domeni, Shannon Folan, Bolaji Gbolahan, Grace Harvey, Glordi Kola, Antonia Krupa, Oryandlee Mormont, Kieran McDonagh, Josh McInerney, Indiana Meredith, John Mulvihill, Tochi Okechukwu, Elizabeth Oladunmi, Noel Onuoha, Sophia Pasquill, Nastasaya Rush, Joel Santarin, Elijah Sofoluke, Lennoz Ugorji, Tina Wetshi, Naaza Zimba).

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