My brilliant idea - Question time

Cindy Silvester

Literacy - Ages 4-7

This activity helps children to learn about questions. You need a cuddly toy or puppet. Explain that you have received a special envelopeparcel from the puppet. Ask one of the children to open it. Inside there are cards with lots of answers.

Depending on your pupils' abilities, you or the children can read the answers. Explain that the puppet has left his answers but can't find the questions, and ask the children to help match an answer to a suitable question.

Possible answers might be: "I am five." The children might then say: "How old are you?" Another option is: "It is on April 12th" and the children might say: "When is your birthday?"

Relevant questions and answers can be adapted for the current topic. The children can then write or suggest some additional questions that they would like to ask the puppet.

Cindy Silvester is a supply teacher in Greater Manchester.

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Cindy Silvester

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