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My brilliant idea - Top story

Media - Ages 11-12

My classroom hosted a press conference for a Year 7 media lesson. I became Detective Inspector Bird, complete with hat, while my pupils were reporters.

I began with the statement: "A boy has been killed." Pupils then had to ask me questions in order to gain enough information to write a thorough news story. This story tied in with a real event at the time, which pupils picked up on as part of the discussion.

Pupils covered the Five Ws (who, what, where, when and why) and asked for quotes. They really got into their roles, thinking about previous convictions and whether the names of victims can be revealed; one even attempted bribery for more information.

Pupils then went to the computer room to type up their stories into a pre-prepared front page template.

The lesson gave the pupils some experience of what life as a reporter is like and it developed their thinking, communication and ICT skills.

Depending on the news story picked, this lesson could be used across the curriculum, and is particularly suited to PSHE.

Carina Bird is a trainee teacher at St David's High School in Flintshire.

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