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My first headship

Your job and career questions answered

I am applying for my first headship and have noticed that many advertisements lack basic information, such as the number of pupils and staff. Is there a requirement that adverts carry such information?

There is a rule that most head and deputy headteacher vacancies are advertised nationally, but there are no set views as to what should be included in an advert. With around 3 per cent of schools advertising this January, there is a wide range of types of advert. It is good practice to include the number of pupils on roll and whether it is rising, since many schools face declining rolls. Most, but not all schools include a salary range, although few indicate whether the whole range is available to applicants. This information is of more interest to existing heads looking for a new challenge than first-time heads. At a busy time of year, it is often the simple adverts that attract attention; some can be fussy or gimmicky and many bury important information. Schools that ask for a stamped addressed envelope are certain they will be receiving a flood of inquiries because this can be off-putting.

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