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My life in books

Lisa Whiting is a geography teacher at Priory School, a secondary in Portsmouth

Lisa Whiting is a geography teacher at Priory School, a secondary in Portsmouth

What I'm reading

Sweet Seduction

By Maya Banks

This was passed on to me by my mum - she passes me everything she reads. It's quite easy to pick up and put down again. In this job, I find I tend to pick something up for 10 or 15 minutes, then put it down again and pick it up later. I read for 15 minutes on the train to and from work every day, so I don't want anything too heavy after a day's teaching. Just something easy and light. This book is quite a good way to escape, but it has a good story as well.

The book I loved as a child

Animal Ark series

By Lucy Daniels

These are different stories about a girl whose dad is a vet, and the animals they help. Each book is about a different animal: Kittens in the Kitchen, or Puppies in the Pantry. I was always into animals, and I had this dream of being a vet when I grew up. I would love to have been involved in looking after those animals, to have animal stories of my own to tell.

Read this before you die


By Lesley Pearse

This is about a girl aged about 16 and her brother. Both their parents die and they set off for America and get caught up in the Gold Rush. Normally, I read a lot of romance, but this is not just a romance. It has a bit of everything. You get caught up with the characters and there is a really good story threaded through it. The fact that it is based on real things that happened - but with fictional characters - is also quite good.

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