In My Own Time

Jaye Richards-Hill, Former learning community principal teacher, currently on a career break

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I veer towards historical novels - I always wanted to read history and classics at university. I've just worked my way through the complete Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. He has a way of bringing Wellington's Indian and Peninsular campaigns to life, despite the need for dramatic licence. This might surprise a lot of folks out there, but I read the Bible a lot as well. I'm trying to make my own sense of St Paul's letters at the moment. I often turn to the Psalms for inspiration, and the Book of Ruth played a big part in my wedding a couple of years ago.


I got the Godfather trilogy on DVD for Christmas. I love the way Michael Corleone keeps getting dragged back to the dark side, despite his best efforts. Number three is my favourite. The scene where he cradles his dead daughter on the steps of the opera house to the intermezzo from Mascagni's Cavallaria Rusticana always moves me to tears. He dies such a lonely death, as well. If I need cheering up, I watch The Last Waltz, probably the greatest concert movie ever made. Rick Danko singing Stage Fright - chillingly awesome.


I've a real weakness for anything by David Coverdale (pictured), from Deep Purple right the way through all the Whitesnake incarnations. I've seen him live every couple of years since 1979. My guilty pleasure is The Band's Music from Big Pink. Levon Helm, RIP. I'm listening to lots of Joe Bonamassa, who's an amazing guitar player. IndiaMountain Time is my sunny-day, windows-down track. I'm a big fan of Roger Waters, too. I love opera - Puccini's Tosca and La Boheme would have to be my favourites. Choral music, too - I'm a congregation member at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, which has an amazing choir.

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Tes Editorial

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