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In My Own Time

Jamie Wilson, P4-7 teacher at Yetholm Primary in the Borders

Jamie Wilson, P4-7 teacher at Yetholm Primary in the Borders


- My film collection has an awful lot of musicals. My favourite is Rent but Billy Elliot, Hairspray and The Phantom of the Opera all get replayed a lot. It's just a shame none of them seems to help my singing. Films based on real-life events are a big hit, too: Pearl Harbor (pictured), Milk and The Freedom Writers Diaries.


- Contrary to opinion in school, I do have a life outside the building and have been known to switch off the laptop. I love music that I can dance to. During the summer I was lucky enough to see Madonna at Murrayfield (pictured), which was brilliant. Rihanna, Florence and the Machine, and Mumford and Sons all appear in my most-played list. If I'm wanting to chill out, I also like classical music, particularly Handel.


- In a few weeks, I'll actually be moving house and I surprised myself at how many books I seem to have accumulated (particularly since I invested in my Kindle and iPad). The works of Brazilian author Paulo Coelho are inspiring, and I love Jodi Picoult. She has an awful lot of imagination and draws so much from her family, which I admire. I like to be familiar with the books my class read, so I've been reading lots of Michael Morpurgo.


- Now you have found my weak spot. I love telly. When I move, I will have to adjust to not having Sky+. I love a medical drama and have Grey's Anatomy (pictured), Casualty, Holby City and House all saved. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, too. My teenage years were spent watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer every waking hour. I've just gotten into True Blood again - but don't let the kids know. Wasting a night catching up on soaps is another regular occurrence.

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