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In My Own Time

Sally Law, Principal teacher of English at Marr College in Troon, South Ayrshire

Sally Law, Principal teacher of English at Marr College in Troon, South Ayrshire


- Being an English teacher and a bibliophile, it is wonderful to be surrounded by literature every day, but it is ironic that in term-time it can be almost impossible to find time to read for pleasure. I enjoy novels with strong characters, and often ones with a first-person narrator. I am reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, as I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Now I do. It is utterly compelling and the insight into the Tudors is fascinating. My favourite contemporary author is David Mitchell. He writes beautifully and is extremely funny. Black Swan Green and number9-dream are favourites.


- I love music. My tastes are varied and diverse but I don't discriminate against specific genres (well, perhaps a few). I marvel daily at the wonder that is Spotify and am amazed at the ease with which a new artist or song can be discovered. At the moment, my playlist ranges from the Velvet Underground to the King Blues (pictured), as well as a host of female Scandinavian singers. I must confess my passion for that new-fangled electronic music, with Underworld's Dubnobasswith-myheadman being an all-time favourite.


- The film I can watch again and again without becoming bored is The Godfather (pictured). I'm also keen on spy thrillers and enjoyed the Bourne films, and now The Bourne Legacy. I've been captivated by the Scandinavian dramas - The Killing, The Bridge and especially Borgen; I'm delighted the second series is finally here. There are now so many children's films that adults can enjoy too, so I relish family time watching the Harry Potter movies and many of the Pixar animations. We laughed at Brave, despite the questionable accents.

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