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In My Own Time

Ronnie Knox, Principal and chief executive of North Glasgow College

Ronnie Knox, Principal and chief executive of North Glasgow College


- Personal time is precious and rare, but I am a member of a hillwalking and mountaineering club and have bagged many Munros. Another vice is restoring cars - a 31-year-old VW Scirocco is my current project. I also have a 125cc Yamaha motorbike, but hope to progress to a Harley Davidson and go across the US on Route 66.


- I am not a great fan of television, but like current affairs, politics, news and programmes on advancing technologies and research. But I watched Mr Selfridge, which I found most enjoyable. I prefer a good book, particularly biographical, such as the latest on Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker.


- My favourites are action movies, the latest being Skyfall - the best Bond to date. I am keen on films depicting history, particularly post-Second World War.


- I have seen many modern productions - Billy Elliot, The Lion King, Mamma Mia! and 9 to 5 among the most recent.


- I have three: Ben, Rebecca and Mollie, aged 10, 8 and 7. Kind of a second chance - as a young man I spent years teaching, studying for teacher-training college, and teaching three nights a week to keep our heads above water. Like many dads, I feel I missed out a bit on my two children growing up, so won't make the same mistake again. I spend Saturday mornings encouraging Ben, who plays for an East Kilbride club. I am promised a Porsche 911 when he hits the big time.


- I am a late developer, but have surrendered to my iPhone, iPad and electronic diary - my main technical advisers being Ben, Rebecca and Mollie.

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