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In My Own Time - Charlie Love

Charlie Love, Teacher of computing at Cults Academy in Aberdeen, and lead developer of

Charlie Love, Teacher of computing at Cults Academy in Aberdeen, and lead developer of


Digital gaming is of huge interest to me. I got the bug in the early '80s with the ZX Spectrum and titles like Atic Atac and The Hobbit. These days I spend more down-time playing games than anything else. My favourite is a massive multi-player online title, Guild Wars. Since its original publication in 2005 I've played it for over 2,000 hours, and Guild Wars 2 comes out soon! Batman: Arkham City is another favourite.


The Matrix has to be my favourite movie. I first saw it in a provincial movie theatre in the US, and the point where the movie switches was one of those "What is happening?!" moments. I love how cinema can flip a story in a second. The Sixth Sense is like that, too. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is another favourite.


As a former professional musician, I love music but never have enough time to enjoy it. My iPod has everything from Iron Maiden to Bruce Springsteen. I can listen to John Mellencamp all day and was gutted to miss him at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a year or so ago.


I've read just about everything by Terry Pratchett. I love his humour and I'm amazed there hasn't been much fuss made of his writing. Discworld would be more fun than Hogwarts! I've been a graphic novel fan for years and now read Batman, Judge Dredd and others on my iPad. 300 is a classic graphic novel and I loved that the movie mirrored the comic almost shot for shot. I've just finished reading Steve Jobs' biography and was inspired by his attention to detail. I love the way he completely changed how we all interact with music, video, software and books.


I rarely watch TV. Never have the time.

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