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In My Own Time - Lee Dunn

University teacher in education studies and technology, University of Glasgow

University teacher in education studies and technology, University of Glasgow


- Go on then, I'll admit it. I am a closet Trekkie and I guess I'm proud to say it. I grew up watching Captain Kirk and his amazing crew do battle with evil and often misunderstood aliens, flying around space in a magnificent starship. I have always been fascinated with technology and Star Trek offers an escape from reality and a step into the unknown. Joking aside, I regularly use examples of "23rd-century technology" when teaching, as we've already started using much of it since the programme's conception in 1966 - a surefire sign that our world is changing rapidly. Blink for a second and you'll have missed something.


- I have a collection of about 40 novels by Dean Koontz. One is a personalised and signed copy from Dean himself, given to me as a birthday present in 2006. Dean started his career as an English teacher and devoted his time and energy to writing. He reminds me that anyone can reach their goals if they work hard enough for them. It goes without saying that I am somewhat addicted to his narrative, but I do like other authors too. I have a number of Andy McNab novels on my bookshelf.


- My house is full of gaming technology. There are three laptops, two Xbox consoles, a PlayStation and a variety of handheld devices. I enjoy playing games where I can explore 3D virtual worlds, including titles such as Call of Duty, Halo and Mass Effect. I have two young children who like to play Skylanders and Lego Indiana Jones. I do worry, however, when I start to play my kids' games and I am the only one in the house. Practice is the only way that I can compete with them - otherwise I would suffer humiliating defeat.

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