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My pupil is a rock star

What must it be like trying to teach a class with a rock star sitting in the back row?

Steve Wasserman, a teacher at the Hampstead School of English in London, has been experiencing that nightmare since the arrival of Sekson Sookpimay in April. Thailand's answer to Robbie Williams, who has sold a million records, is on a mission to improve his English. "Some of the girls do treat me a bit differently," he admits. "But I try to tell them that I hate this rock star thing. I am their friend."

Wasserman says "Seks-on-legs" is guilty of understatement: "They are all swooning. At first it was just the Thais but now it is spreading to the other nationalities. It is difficult to hold their attention." Wannabe swooners can see Sekson strut his stuff at the Underground, Camden, on June 16.

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